There is Never a Perfect Time

If you wait until the time is perfect, it will never happen.  I have learned this in my instances of my life, but it is definitely accurate when it comes to long term travel…and maybe when it comes to having kids (so I hear).  When I first seriously started thinking about traveling long-term, I thought it was so far out of reach.  One weekend, I decided to make a list of everything I would need to arrange and account for in order to make traveling a reality.  Let’s be honest….it was overwhelming.  Money, house, dog, car, and job were just the most important items on a page long list.  Not to mention it was irresponsible, right?



I resigned to the fact that it was not possible and went back to my daily grind.  After a life changing trip to Africa last spring, I revisited my list and decided to see if I could conquer some of the bigger items.  Over the next 18 months of diligently working away at my list and checking off items, the farfetched dream was becoming a reality.  It’s never easy making the decision to leave your beloved pup, sell your house, and resign from a job that you really do enjoy.  But, it is about weighing what is important to you and I knew that this might be my only opportunity.  For me, these were the driving forces which ultimately led me making the final decision to travel:

  • I am healthy.  Aside from some minor knee issues (thanks to a glacier hike in Iceland), I am able to get around just fine and tackle any challenge.
  • I am young.  Well, relatively.  Over the last few years I had developed a love for the lush beds of the J.W. (damn business travel has spoiled me), but am still comfortable in a dorm room hostel (I think…).
  • I have the funds.  Years of being practical and frugal, in addition to lots of sacrifice, I am fortunate to be able to afford this adventure.
  • I don’t have a family.  Single, no kids…makes it a hell of a lot easier to pick up and leave.  Hopefully those things will be in my future.
  • I have amazing friends and family.  My sister and her family opened their home to me and my pup over the last few months after I sold my house.  Some of my best friends and my sister have offered to foster my pup for the next year and consider him part of their family.  Like I said, AMAZING.

If I have learned one thing in my years, it is that there are no guarantees.  I am not willing to bet that I will be able to see the world when I retire.  I hope I can, but for me the time is now.  Although the timing might not be the perfect, I am certain that I am making the right (and responsible) decision for myself and an unforgettable adventure is waiting for me!

What is stopping you from pursuing your travel dreams?

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