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Homeward Bound

When I set out on this adventure, it was never my intent to be gone for as long as I could, or “until the money ran out”. I knew that I wanted this trip would have an end date, but wasn’t ever exactly sure when that day would come. I wanted to travel until I […]

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The Winds are Shifting…

A cold and rainy day in Prague was the perfect excuse to take a break from being a tourist and do some much needed traveling planning. The last 2.5 months of exploring Europe have been incredible, but I recently noticed that I am getting antsy. The off season here in Europe has been a welcome […]

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There is Never a Perfect Time

If you wait until the time is perfect, it will never happen.  I have learned this in my instances of my life, but it is definitely accurate when it comes to long term travel…and maybe when it comes to having kids (so I hear).  When I first seriously started thinking about traveling long-term, I thought […]

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Pre-Trip Checklist

With less than 30 days until I leave, I am working diligently on checking things off of my to do list.  Thankfully, I was able to take care of most of the major items over the last year: Sold my house Had garage sale – sold what I could, and donated everything else Arranged for […]

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