Packing List

I have been fortunate to take some pretty amazing trips in the past….Africa, Europe, etc. in addition to weekend getaways.  I would have never considered myself a light packer, no matter the length of the trip.  I always over packed to ensure I had enough options and always had plenty of back up choices.  Last […]

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50 Strands of Gray: What is this?

Deciding to travel long term was not an easy decision to make, but it sure did seem to be easy compared to the decisions that come with leaving it all behind and I am sure, with some things to come.  The decisions and things to consider seem to be never ending and I swear, each […]

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There is Never a Perfect Time

If you wait until the time is perfect, it will never happen.  I have learned this in my instances of my life, but it is definitely accurate when it comes to long term travel…and maybe when it comes to having kids (so I hear).  When I first seriously started thinking about traveling long-term, I thought […]

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Pre-Trip Checklist

With less than 30 days until I leave, I am working diligently on checking things off of my to do list.  Thankfully, I was able to take care of most of the major items over the last year: Sold my house Had garage sale – sold what I could, and donated everything else Arranged for […]

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What kinda gone are we talkin’ bout here?

I am a big fan of country music and there is an older song I heard on the radio the other night by Chris Cagle called, What Kinda Gone.  It reminded me of my current situation because as I have been talking to people about my trip and answering all the questions, one of the […]

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NZ pic

One Way Ticket!

It’s official…I have booked a one way ticket to NEW ZEALAND!!!  After much consideration and planning, I have decided that I will begin my adventure in the land of Kiwis.  I couldn’t be more excited to have New Zealand as my launching pad!  I will be flying into Queenstown and I plan on spending a […]

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