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Perfection in Plitvice

Croatia is a country that has quietly crept up in the world over the last 10 years. After enduring a grueling war which granted them independence in 1991, the Croatian people worked very hard to repair their country. As word began to spread that there was a country that had gorgeous coastlines on the Adriatic […]

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Throwing down for the Thrillogy: Bungy Jumping New Zealand

I learned fairly early on during my trip throughout New Zealand, that this country fit my personality perfectly.  Beautiful scenery with amazing mountains, heaps of hiking, gorgeous beaches, and plenty of activities to get your heart racing!  After doing a 16,000’ sky dive at Fox Glacier, I wasn’t sure anything could top that adrenaline rush.  […]

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Elephant Nature Park: An Alternative to Riding Elephants in Thailand

Like so many tourists who visit Thailand every year, I imagined sitting atop a majestic Asian elephant wandering through a forest would be an epic, once-in-a-lifetime experience. I began researching elephant riding and quickly realized that there is a side that few tourists are aware of, but are beginning to discover. I chose not to […]

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